5-Year Warranty on our Visitor Counters and Customer Counters 18-Year in Business
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"'Above and beyond' - best customer service we've experienced in a very long time." - Gail McKenzie, Rural Minnesota CEP, Inc.

We pride ourselves in every area of our business. In fact, we require total excellence in every area of our business. Every company will tell you this, but we deliver. Some of the most important reasons to choose our company are:
  • Technical Support in USA by our product designers. Our product designers who actual design our people counters here in the USA provide all of our technical support.

  • 5-Year Warranty. We recently changed our warranty from a 1-year to a 5-year warranty. We cover parts, labor and shipping during the first year. From years 2 through 5, our customers have the peace of mind knowing that they simply pay one low flat fee plus shipping, even if we have to replace the entire unit. Click Policies document for all details.

  • We are Loyal to our Customers. We treat our customers like we want to be treated. We have raised our prices only one time since we started the business in 1998. When we extended our warranty from 1 year to 5 years, we retroactively extended the warranty for all existing customers. We don't go for those "new customers only" offers.

  • Hassle-Free Sales Philosophy. Comparing customer counters is not always an easy task, especially when each company seems to use different terms and obscure jargon. This makes the task of comparing even more difficult. When you call us, we will discuss the differences between our people counters and those of our competitors. We don’t use complex technical jargon. We will not hassle you or attempt to force you to purchase from us. We want to earn your business by answering your questions, offering a 30-day money-back guarantee with our door counters and then discussing the results with you. We allow our people counters to speak for themselves.

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with our door counters so that you can see for yourself how well our they work. It is imperative to give customers piece-of-mind before purchasing a proprietary product, such as customer counters.

  • Easy installation. Typically speaking, depending upon the model of people counter, the installations typically take between 20 and 90 minutes.

  • Free Technical Support During First 30 Days. We offer a certain number of minutes of free technical support during the first 30 days. The RTC-P3 includes 60 minutes of free technical support within the first 30 days. The EPC-IRD1 and RTC-P1 include 30 minutes of free technical support, while the EPC-MAG1 includes 15 minutes. This allows us to help make sure that the installation was done properly, and to allow us to train you and your employees on how to operate the hardware and software.

  • Most Cost-Effective in the Industry. Our customer counter pricing ranges from $99 to $868 for complete systems. We have not found a people counter with comparable features for less money. If you’ve found one, let us know and we’ll try to meet or beat the price.

  • Free Graphical-Analysis Software. We offer free software with the purchase of our RTC-P3 Traffic Counter to transmit and analyze your traffic history. Many of our competitors charge several hundred dollars or more for their software. They do not include this cost in their base pricing of their people counters. We also have no licensing fees and our software can be installed at multiple locations.

  • No Hidden Costs or “Add-ons.” There are very few instances where the cost of the equipment will be more than what is stated in any of our literature. We include all mounting brackets, power supplies and most cables. In the event that there are options that the customer must select in order to arrive at the final price, such as selecting batteries or power supply for the EPC-IRD1, then we will clearly state these additional costs.
Please feel free to review our Policies document, as they relate to our Electronic People Counters.

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